Friday, July 31, 2009

Ack! An Introduction!

In 1955, as Macarthyism burned through the Senate and Congress Halls in Washington, Arthur Miller lit a flame on Broadway with the opening of his Tony-award winning play, The Crucible.

This fall, the Eden Troupe Board of Patrick Henry college has decided to resurrect this classic play on the Patrick Henry stage. Ack! Jenna and I are thrilled to play the part of directors in this process! The idea of production blogging came from a previous Eden Troupe director, Aidan Grano, who I worked with last spring. Blogging is of course, a geeky method of communication, but a form that nonetheless communicates far more easily and succesfully than word-of- mouth. Thus the purpose of this blog will be to excite and introduce its readers to the oncoming production through pictures, teasers, and rehearsal journals. Occasionally, there will also be rehearsal notifications that mainly apply to those who are cast.

Ack! But I realize that I have begun to blog without proper introductions. My name is Stephanie McGill. Beside this paragraph (--->) is a a picture of me taken during last spring's production of Twelfth Night, which I co-directed with Aidan Grano.

Ack! And then there is my lovely, creative, (<---)co-director Jenna Lorence, who is the perfect companion for sorting production details over coffee. (<3)> Jenna and I worked together in Twelfth Night, where Jenna served as costume mistress!

Auditions begin Sunday, August 23rd at 6 pm and last until 9:30 pm. The following day, on Monday, August 24th, auditions will resume again at 6 pm, lasting until 9:30 pm. Auditions will be held in Town Hall, located beneath D1.
I would leave you with a cliche statement that is intended to excite you toward auditioning, and arouse your creative veins. But I believe Arthur Miller can do that better, and thus I leave you with a quote:

"Oh Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer!"

- John Proctor, Act 2.

Ack! There is nothing like a good drama :)



  1. Super excited about you directing the play this fall stephy :)

  2. I can't wait you guys, it's gonna be awesome =) =)

  3. lol, what's with the "acks?" :D

    I'm going to link to this blog from the EdenTroupe announcement (with warnings of it being not officially sponsored by PHC, etc.).