Friday, September 4, 2009


Announcing. . .the Cast of The Crucible 2009!

John Proctor--Joseph Alm
Abigail Williams--Cate Pilgrim
Elizabeth Proctor--Shannon Healy
Samuel Parris--Brett Harris
Mary Warren--Phoebe Daigle
Thomas Putnam--James Nelson
Ann Putnam--Sarah Saunders
John Hale--Tyler Stockton
Tituba--Erin Pradia
Francis Nurse--David Barber
Rebecca Nurse--Krystal Brunner
Gov. Danforth--Aidan Grano
Betty Parris--Hannah Mitchell
Mercy Lewis--Tia Ly
Susanna Walcott--Megan Conlon
Giles Corey--Andrew Fetters
Ezekial Cheever--Zach Enos
Judge Hathorne--Ryan Gillis
Sarah Good--Kim Peterson
Willard--Russell York

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Audition Conflicts

If you absolutely cannot make it to either of the audition times (6-9:30pm on August 23rd and 24th) please let us know--we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to audition!

the 5 lamest reasons not to audition

So maybe you said "oh, I guess I'll audition," but there's still something holding you back from committing fully. Read this list, and see how the 5 lamest reasons not to audition aren't really reasons at all.

5. I'm too busy
This excuse only works if you are holding a full time job, taking full time classes, and also training for a marathon. We all are busy, and we all have alot of stuff on our plates. Eden Troupe is fun and rewarding, and while it does take time, it is time well spent. And trust me. Every person who does take a role is just as busy as you are. Now are you really going to let them steal your dream part?

4. I'm a Freshman and/or I'm waiting until next semester to do extracurriculars
Dear freshmen. Right now, you are living in the least busy semester of your life. Trust me. I'm a senior. I've lived through 6 semesters, and each one was a little bit busier than the last. Do the play NOW while you have more time than you will ever have.

3. None of my friends are trying out
There are two solutions to this problem. First: make your friends audition. They should be, anyway! Don't make someone go alone to auditions! But second, and perhaps more importantly, Eden Troupe does an amazing job of CREATING friendships. After you spend a semester working with someone on a play, you get to know people who otherwise might never have crossed your path. And that's part of what makes it so much fun!

2. I don't know anything about the play
This one's easy to fix.
Watch next week for Stephy's post with character bios and a summary of the play.
Read the Cliff's Notes
Go to your library! They have this book!

1. I have no acting skill/I've never done a play before
Have you lived in the world? Have you talked to people? Then you have acting skill. Previous dramatic experience is not a prerequisite for being in this play! How are you going to KNOW if you have acting skill if you don't TRY OUT and see? Also, you live at PHC. You know drama like the back of your hand. I know.

Remember -- come out to audition August 23rd and 24th!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An article on us!

Thanks to PHC for putting us on the front page! Some of you may have been directed here from the article, but for those of you who haven't seen it PHC's official article on The Crucible.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Important question:
What even IS a crucible?

Important Answer:
"a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development" (from

now you know.

The Foundry, Pouring the Crucible, from the Court of Labour, 1923 by Diego Rivera)

5 reasons why you should audition

So you're not quite sure what to think about this whole Crucible thing. Salem Witch Trials? Lots of screaming, manipulative girls? A tragic ending? Who even wants to be involved with this?

oh trust me. YOU DO. and here are the top 5 reasons why you should audition.

5. Auditions = Party
No, I am not kidding. Town Hall during auditions is like one big happy family. Scripts are going back and forth, people are laughing at the funny parts, (hopefully) almost crying at the sad parts, seeing people do things you didn't know they had in them. But if you come down to just to watch, you miss out on half of the fun. You need the part of the party where YOU get to be the ham to make it a well rounded experience.

4. This Play is Incredible
If you haven't read The Crucible, go. Now. Now come back and tell me that you still don't want to be involved in this play. (okay fine, I guess you can read it after you finish reading this post.) Although it's a modern play, The Crucible incorporates a beautiful richness of language that is hard to come by these days. Not as complex as Shakespeare, you're not left scratching your head at the lines, but the play itself is beautiful. You have time -- read it before auditions! Check out the first few pages of the play here

3. Your Mom Wants You To
She is already envisioning conversations with other moms that go something like this:

"So How's Johnny doing at PHC?" "Oh, awesome. He's basically the star of this semester's play." "Oh my goodness! I am so impressed!" "I know, I know, we are so proud."

Besides. She always told you that you were a ham.

2. You Want To
I know it. You have always watched the other kids do Eden Troupe and you think "I want to do that! oh, I don't know. Maybe I can't. Oh, I don't know." Here is a great opportunity! It's a genre of play we haven't done in a while, so no one knows who is good at it. Here is your chance to be the PHC breakout star.

1. The Drama
You may say "oh Jenna and Stephy. I get enough of that." Trust us. We go to school here. We know what it's like. But this is a different sort of drama. Had a super hard midterm? Come to rehearsal and cry about it all over the stage. Feeling ready to conquer the world? Come to rehearsal and run a few courtroom proceedings. Angry at your roommate? okay, well, talk to them in the spirit of Matthew 18. But then come to rehearsal and shout it out at that other guy in the village who is trying to KILL YOU.

Any sort of dramatic production like this gives you a wonderful outlet to express yourself in the midst of a stressful semester. I know it's hard to believe, but even though this play will be a ton of hard work, it's great to go from a day of classes to be able to just focus on being someone else -- if only for a few hours.

so what are you waiting for? decide to audition for The Crucible, August 23rd + 24th.

watch tomorrow for the "5 lamest excuses not to audition"

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ack! An Introduction!

In 1955, as Macarthyism burned through the Senate and Congress Halls in Washington, Arthur Miller lit a flame on Broadway with the opening of his Tony-award winning play, The Crucible.

This fall, the Eden Troupe Board of Patrick Henry college has decided to resurrect this classic play on the Patrick Henry stage. Ack! Jenna and I are thrilled to play the part of directors in this process! The idea of production blogging came from a previous Eden Troupe director, Aidan Grano, who I worked with last spring. Blogging is of course, a geeky method of communication, but a form that nonetheless communicates far more easily and succesfully than word-of- mouth. Thus the purpose of this blog will be to excite and introduce its readers to the oncoming production through pictures, teasers, and rehearsal journals. Occasionally, there will also be rehearsal notifications that mainly apply to those who are cast.

Ack! But I realize that I have begun to blog without proper introductions. My name is Stephanie McGill. Beside this paragraph (--->) is a a picture of me taken during last spring's production of Twelfth Night, which I co-directed with Aidan Grano.

Ack! And then there is my lovely, creative, (<---)co-director Jenna Lorence, who is the perfect companion for sorting production details over coffee. (<3)> Jenna and I worked together in Twelfth Night, where Jenna served as costume mistress!

Auditions begin Sunday, August 23rd at 6 pm and last until 9:30 pm. The following day, on Monday, August 24th, auditions will resume again at 6 pm, lasting until 9:30 pm. Auditions will be held in Town Hall, located beneath D1.
I would leave you with a cliche statement that is intended to excite you toward auditioning, and arouse your creative veins. But I believe Arthur Miller can do that better, and thus I leave you with a quote:

"Oh Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer!"

- John Proctor, Act 2.

Ack! There is nothing like a good drama :)